Zakat Donations For Local Community Only

To ensure the proper distribution of Zakat funds, every applicant must submit clear copies of the following:

  1. Photo ID: For the applicant, spouse and all dependents; Driver’s License, State I.D. or Passport
  2. Social Security Card (For all those that provided photo ID as identification.
  3. Lease Agreement (If renting)
  4. Proof of income (i.e. last pay stub)
  5. Other documentation that might help in the evaluation; such as medical reports, receipts, billing statements, etc.

All fields are required on this form except where noted “Optional”. All information is confidential and intended only for restricted internal use by authorized Zakat committee personnel and used exclusively for evaluation of Zakat requests. Please attach/upload the scan/picture of the identification proof you will use.

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Place of Residence
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Employment Status
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REFERENCES: Please list at least 2 individuals-references who can confirm and verify the information you have provided on this application. References should not be immediate relatives, people who live with you or current zakat recipients.

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