Saturday evenings are meant for family get together. Bring the whole family, meet old friends, make new friends, and enjoy cultures at the Cultural center. Take time to eat dinner at the Center instead of eating at home.

All are welcome!

The family night at the Aisha Cultural Center (ACC) is a unique social activity for the entire family. One of the highlights of the ACC family night is a segment for the youth where a boy or a girl does a short presentation. The intent of the presentation is to train and encourage our youth to speak and present in public.  A gift is presented to the presenter each week. The ACC family night is a weekly activity. It occurs every Saturday after Isha’a Prayer. The event is open to all Muslims.

Dinner and soft drinks are provided and served free of charge.

For additional information and/or questions, please contact Dr. Khaled Odeh – Phone: (407) 432-2403; Email: