Troop 199 Information

ACC Vision Statement in relation to scouting: In establishing a Boy Scout Troop, ACC hopes to provide enrichment opportunities for strengthening families with lifelong experiences that capture fun and excitement for youth with the support of their parents or mentors, and encourage their spiritual development based on the ideals and values of the peaceful message that Islam teaches and through the Scouting program.

Troop Vision Statement: The Troop seeks to provide a Scout program based on the values of the peaceful message that Islam teaches. The program will encourage a youth to develop his leadership, personal, and professional skills, provide opportunities for the Scout to participate in the adventures Scouting offers, and allow him to advance at his own pace and reach his full potential.


Youth (Son) membership: A youth can be a Scout if he has completed the fifth grade or is 11 years old, or if he has earned the Arrow of Light Award, and is at least 10 years old, but younger than 18 years old.

Adult (Father/parent) leaders: New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before submitting an application for registration. ( Other training include: Fast Start Orientation, and This is Scouting. Adult leaders must be > 18 (preferably > 21) years old and are not required to have previous scouting experience.

Active participation: See rules detailed below


Initial cost: Each scout: BSA book (~$10), Uniform (BSA shirt, Neckerchief, belt, patches, ~$60),

Annual cost: For the whole troop:

Charter organization (ACC): Registration ($40).

For each scout: Registration with BSA: $48 first youth (including mandatory one parent registration), $24 for each additional youth from same family. Registration is for the calendar year and is prorated.

Scouting magazine: $12/year. This is not mandatory but encouraged. One magazine /family.
Troop running cost: $60/year (= $5/month)

Activities and meals: Cost depends on the activity (camping, watersports, hacking, ice skating etc). Typical cost/scout/camping day is $10-$15.

Equipment procurement: The equipment (camping, cooking gear etc) cost depends on activities. The troop and charter organization would seek contributions/fees to purchase equipment.


Youth Meetings:

Frequency: Weekly.
Duration and Time: 1.25 hours on Sunday 12:20 till Zuhr prayer.
Typical Meeting agenda: Opening ceremony (5 min), Skills instruction, Reading/presenting a talk about character/leadership, review of previous outing and activities and discussion of lessons learned, planning for a monthly outing (Camping, Hiking, bowling, skiing, etc.), planning an optional weekly activity: Soccer, basketball, etc

Adult leader (parent) meetings:

Frequency: Currently is weekly, but will drop gradually to Monthly
Duration and time: 1 hr, during the youth meetings.
Typical meeting agenda includes: Updates and plans from Scoutmaster, Treasurer, and Outdoor Activities Leader.

Active participation rules:

Success of the troop hinges on active participation of parents and scouts. Hence, minimum levels of participation are required. Parents are required to actively participate (> 50%) in the Adult Committee and in outings including camping activities. Certain training is required prior to participation in outings. Exceptions should be approved by 1) Scoutmaster and SPL, 2) Troop committee chair and 3) Charter organization representative. Adult -to-youth ratio in outings should be at least 1:3 unless a different ratio is recommended by the Scoutmaster with input from SPL and ASPL. In this context, adults are preferably > 21 years old. Changes in/cancellation of outing plans should be done no later than one week prior to the outing, except for safety reasons or for insufficient adult leader participation as determined by the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee.

Active participation is reviewed by the committee and youth (SM, SPL, ASPL, PL) every 3-6 month. If scout or parent participation does not meet the outlined levels (above) during a period of 6 month, members (both Youth and Adult) will be automatically moved to an inactive status and will not be able to participate in troop outings. If inactive members wish to move to active status, approval will be required by Scouts (SPL) + Scout master, Committee, and ACC representative. If approved, members will need to satisfy the minimum participation levels before being allowed to join troop outings.

AbbreviationsSM Scoutmaster, PL Patrol Leader, SPL Senior Parol leader, ASPL Assistant Senior Patrol Leader